naderi is Copenhagen based artist, but mostly naderi is naderi.

naderi is a word, a name, a sound, an image immobile or in motion.

naderi creates, shapes and links audio and visual sensitive storytelling. 

He creates stories, feelings and memories into objects, architecture and nature.

Everything started when he listened to electronic music in a church.

No god to be found in that moment, just the “sound”. 

And since then he has spent time searching, capturing, replicating and sharing the sound with audio and visuals.

In EP#1 and While We Wait For Spring naderi explored his relationship with the double “M” : melancholia and Malevichism.

After years of work with the Danish art collective FUKK, naderi decided to go back to a non restrictive area of creation.

His new project called… naderi - a new introspection but also an expanding universe searching to reach life, light and people.

naderi, the project not the artist, is a visual live experience and an EP. 

naderi is sound and visual monologue, deep and high, slow and dancing where he opened the door for Sjakal's, Baroness' and Sylvain Souklaye's voices.

naderi is a place, a moment to reflect and disappear between the rhythm and the images.

naderi is telling a story that you can hear and see, but more importantly you are able feel it alone or experience it together.

naderi is to stream, to live, to dream about.

// Sylvain Souklaye //